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Innovation and Ethics in Australia

Posted on June 11 2016

At Gifted Australia, we love to support great Australian businesses who are innovative and ethical. We believe that the way of the future is for businesses to think deeply about their impact on the planet and those who inhabit it. That’s why the products we sell at Gifted Australia are made by people who care about that too.

If you’re looking for a gift for someone you know, look no further than our beautiful range of ever-expanding products and experiences, designed and brought to you by some of Australia’s most creative and innovative business leaders. When we take on a new supplier we always make sure that we’re working with people who are creating amazing products and experiences, whilst also thinking about the bigger picture.

So if you are looking for information on any of our awesome suppliers, feel free to get in touch – and we’ll be only too happy to help. We’re proud to be supporting them in what they do and love the sensational things they come up with. Here’s to the makers!

You can also sign up to our monthly newsletter to be given exclusive offers straight to your inbox. And don’t forget to check out what’s happening with our current charity partners – Edgars Mission and Animals Australia. Both organisations have so much going on and we just love staying up to date with what they’re up to.

Big love,

Team GA


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