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11 Examples of Corporate Gifts That Will Make Your Clients, Staff and Boss Excited

Posted on May 30 2017

Business is essentially about relationships - relationships with your clients, with your coworkers, and with your superiors.

Can you guess the fastest way to build brand loyalty, motivate your workers and even impress your boss?

It’s by giving a gift.

The average Australian spends 40 hours a week at work. So smart corporate gift-givers know how to make that time special and memorable, even if it’s just for a moment.

If you are unsure about how to give great corporate gifts that will excite your clients and coworkers, use these 11 examples.

1. An inspirational (or practical) book

Australians are more diverse than ever. That’s why a well-chosen book tops the list of great examples for corporate gift giving. A book is a gift that can be appreciated by almost anyone.

It is a great way to represent your values as a company to clients and employees. Also, by giving a book to your boss, you can show a new side of yourself and potentially gain more respect.

However, there is a rule of thumb when it comes to books. It’s often (but not always) most effective to give books that you have read yourself! That way you can be sure that it portrays the value and meaning you are hoping it to. 

If you can’t think of a book that fits the bill, don’t worry… there are lots more examples of gifts below.

2. Wine

Wine is a versatile, go-to gift. A nice bottle of wine can be given to so many different people that smart gift-givers will often buy several bottles at once, and then give them whenever a gift is needed.

Wine tells the recipient that you are a person of taste and refinement. It is a traditional gift that has stood the test of time.

Just be sure that your recipient drinks alcohol before making the purchase.

3. Chocolates

Like wine, chocolates are a gift that show appreciation for the finer things. Chocolate comes in a range of prices and packaging, which makes it a great way to share a gift without breaking the bank.

Chocolates are a gift for pure simple enjoyment. They are more than something that tastes good, they help people both to take a moment for themselves, and to share something special with someone else.

The Mens Gift Hamper is a great option for the chocolate lover:

4. Day spa (for her)

To truly stand out, consider giving a certificate to a day spa to a female coworker or client. A day spa is a generous gesture. It is a gift that shows how much you appreciate and understand the hard work someone does every day, and rewards them with a day of relaxation.

5. Shaving kit (for him)

Everyone likes to be pampered, and many men appreciate receiving shaving kits as gifts. Choose high quality, natural products and the gift will be remembered.

Like the Shave Trio from our store:

6. Individual experience

What do you get the person who has everything? A new experience.

Giving a unique experience to a person shows that you understand their interests outside of the work environment.

High ticket items might include hot-air ballooning or a lavish restaurant meal. But don’t let the expensive experiences scare you off. Experiences, like other gifts, are available at a range of prices. You might be surprised at how reasonable a horse ride is in your area. Pottery studios, yoga classes, zoos, and historic areas that offer tours are all examples of experiences you can give as a gift.

7. An event

Sometimes the best gift is time together. Throwing a party with staff is a way to cement relationships and build team morale.

An event is a wonderful way to mark a milestone, such as a special occasion or a holiday. Or it may be the successful completion of a project.

One important purpose of gift giving is to motivate, and an event for staff is one way to motivate and inspire.

For clients, you may want to consider an event that brings them together with other clients that they may not know. Offering a networking event is a unique type of gift that they will remember.

8. Corporate hampers

Corporate hampers take the guesswork out of gift-giving. By bringing together a collection of high quality items, there is something for every taste. Impress your recipient by giving a well-chosen corporate hamper!

Corporate hampers are appropriate for individuals. However, a big hamper is also a very good gift for a business. When your client is another business, perhaps a whole office of individuals, you may be unsure of what you could possible get them as a gift. This is a situation when a large corporate hamper is a life-saver.

The Corporate Deluxe Hamper is a great option if you’re buying for a diverse group:

9. Electronics

Gadgets and electronics are everywhere. For a simple and practical gift, consider something like a USB memory stick. USB drives have been designed to fit on key-rings and inside pens. If you want a gift that is bit more fun, novelty USB drives are a possibility.

Accessories like high-end headphones, USB powered heaters for coffee cups, or laser pointers can be both practical and unexpected. You could even take your corporate gift giving to the next level with an iPad or tablet.

When it comes to electronics, the best gifts are those that you would want to receive yourself. So in a situation when you almost don’t want to give the gift away, chances are that you have found the perfect gift.

10. Personalised compendium or notebook

Personalised notebooks can put your logo in the hands of your clients and personnel. They are a wonderful gift for participants at corporate events or special meetings. They help the most important information (like your logo) leave a lasting impression.

11. Gift card

Today, there is an enormous range of available gift cards. That makes giving them as gifts a versatile and easy option for so many situations.

If you need an inexpensive gift for a lot of people, you may want to think about getting them a gift card. It can be spent however the receiver chooses. It is the perfect gift for those you don’t have a strong business relationship with - yet.

Wrap up

A wise person once said that a gift can say more about the giver than the receiver. It is true. 

When you give a gift, you are presenting your values in a lasting way. That’s why gift-giving is such an important part of the corporate business life. Find gifts that excite your boss, clients and staff!


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