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Fathers Day 2016

Posted on August 28 2016

With Father’s Day just around the corner it’s such a nice time to think about the men in our lives. For me, I have my own father, but I also fondly observe the relationship my daughter has with her father. I’ve heard that there is often a special bond between a father and his daughter and I have certainly experienced that feeling myself growing up. It’s that sense that your dad knows everything there is to know in the world and that there’s nothing they could ever do wrong. I remember telling my dad when I was little that when I grew up I wanted to marry him. So sweet. I honestly thought there was no one greater.

But not everything goes to plan with families and it’s not a perfect world. Families go through times of difficulty and hardship and we don’t always see eye to eye with our loved ones. Whether you have lost your dad too soon, or something has drawn you apart, there’s almost always a way to forgive and get back to simply caring about each other.

So even though Father’s Day has become somewhat commercial over the years, it’s still a lovely time to take a specific moment in the busyness of the year, to tell your dad you love him and give him something a little bit special. Or spend a few minutes remembering what the relationship means/meant to you.

Last year my daughter bought a deck of cards, punched two holes in each card to tie them all together like in a lever-arch folder, and covered the face of each card with some glued down paper. She then wrote on every single card something she loves about her dad and gave it to him on Father’s Day. The front card said ’52 things I love about you'. In it was everything from ‘I love the way no boy is ever good enough’ to ‘the way you put your smelly socks in our face and think it’s hilarious’. Just for the record, I do not love that last one at all.

And, if you get to the end of the day and you can’t think of a single personal thing you can do for your dad, Gifted Australia has the perfect range of gifts and treats to make any dad have a happy, special Father’s Day. 

Big love,

Bronwyn xo


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