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7 Gift Hamper Ideas For The Time-Poor Admin Assistant

Bronwyn Campbell

Posted on September 28 2017

7 Gift Hamper Ideas For The Time-Poor Admin Assistant

The art of giving gifts is one of the greatest arts you can master. Synonymous with the act of showing gratitude, there’s nothing quite as satisfying as giving someone a thoughtful, creative and well-planned gift and seeing their face light up.

It doesn’t have to be elaborate or expensive, either. Presenting someone with something as simple as a well-regarded bottle of wine or a box filled with artisanal chocolates can make all the difference between them having an average week and an awesome one.

What if you’re strapped for time, though, and worry that you just don’t have the hours available to plan something that packs a personalised punch?

What if (even though you feel like the Grinch thinking this), you find the task of selecting the perfect gift to be both arduous and tedious?

Don’t worry. You’re not the only one. Whether it’s a gift for your boss, a colleague or a client, it can be surprisingly hard to think of something suitable for the people in your life, even when you see them every day.

That’s why gift hampers are a great solution. They offer the opportunity to have fun with your gift-giving without spending too much of your precious time (or money!) in the process.

Here are a couple of our favourite ideas of all time for gift hampers. The best news? You can order them online in less time than it takes to watch the new Taylor Swift video clip, and you’ll probably win more brownie points with them than with your off-key singing attempts.

1. Wine and chocolate

Like Romeo and Juliet, cookies and milk or bread and butter, wine and chocolate just go together. If you’re struggling to think of a thoughtful gift for someone, don’t discount this idea just because it’s clichéd. 

Clichés exist for a reason, and from business partners to departing colleagues, there’s barely a soul alive who won’t appreciate the timeless gift of wine and chocolate.

You can be as expensive or economical as you like with this combo: it can contain a vintage bottle from the best vineyards in Australia, or a cheeky drop from the wine merchant in the next suburb over.

As for chocolate, you can complement your wine choice with gourmet dark chocolate blocks or rich, fudgy triple chocolate chunk cookies.

Whatever you choose, a gift of wine and chocolate to congratulate a colleague, celebrate a birthday or commemorate a special work occasion is always a good idea.

If you’re looking for a nice Chocolate and Wine hamper, our Indulge Me Gourmet Hamper is worth a look!

2. Craft beer

For those who prefer to drink beer over wine, consider a gift hamper that’s chockablock with outstanding craft beers.

Sure to delight any die-hard beer enthusiast, this is a clever idea for a hamper that will show that you can ‘hop’ to it and think outside of the box. 

The key is to remember to include lots of beer-friendly snacks inside the craft beer gift hamper. Think wasabi peanuts, flatbread crackers or even salted toffee pretzels.

Forget a bunch of flowers - surprise someone with a beautiful bunch of craft beer instead!

As it turns out, we have a new Craft Beer Connoisseur Hamper here at Gifted… :)

3. Thematized products

It goes without saying that personalisation is key when it comes to giving corporate gifts. The secret to getting them right, whether buying for men or women, is to choose a theme and run with it.

For instance, if your colleague is taking some time off to sit for exams, you could buy them a good-luck gift hamper that includes a flask for hot beverages, herbal tea and a power drink mix for those late nights of studying.

Similarly, a male managing director who’s about to get married might see and appreciate the value of a special shaving kit hamper.

It obviously helps as well to know the personal preferences of an individual when buying a customised gift, so don’t be afraid to ask a few sneaky questions!

Better yet, create a file on your computer full of notes on your colleagues’ tastes and interests. The small outlay of time you need to create this will save you bucketloads of time later on.

4. Kitchen essentials

Some people love to cook. Scratch that - some people adore it. You probably already know who they are in your office because they’re the ones who bring in homemade cookies or suggest potluck lunches! 

Show that you’ve been paying attention or encourage someone’s newly found passion for baking with a kitchen essentials gift hamper.

A hamper filled with cute pre-measured ingredients for a fun recipe will always do well with those who love baking, while our lovely Home Is Where The Heart Is Hamper also includes a beautiful wooden chopping board:

5. Organic produce

With sustainable living becoming less and less of a novel idea, most people are trying to support the production of food without the use of synthetic chemicals or genetically modified ingredients.   

As we all become more environmentally conscious, all-natural corporate gift hampers have become an easy way to demonstrate your commitment not only to eco-friendly business practices but also to healthy lifestyle choices.

We’re lucky at Gifted Australia to have access to all kinds of organic products: from whole-leaf teas to nut butters; rooftop honey's to raw desserts. You can select your items based on seasonality as well as on your recipient’s preference for sweet or savoury food.

When you give an all-natural gift hamper loaded up with tasty organic produce, you make a choice to be a conscious consumer as well as to promote a naturally healthy lifestyle. It’s a win-win!

6. Festive gifts

‘Tis the season to be jolly at least once a year… so don’t miss the opportunity to give thoughtful gifts!

This doesn’t just mean Christmas. While every December you can obviously find gift hampers that are filled with festive items, occasions such as Valentine’s and Mother’s Day are also a great time to send customised gift hampers.

Just remember to always be cautious, though, when it comes to gifts for denominational holidays. You don’t want to offend anybody!

Here’s our Christmas Foodie Deluxe Hamper if you’re looking for some inspiration:

7. A little bit of everything

A hamper can sometimes just contain a little bit of everything.

You can throw together a random assortment of goodies to create something pretty special. For example, a bottle of wine, plus a new cheeseboard, plus an aromatherapy candle, equals a total crowd-pleaser.

An all-inclusive hamper is a safe choice when gifting a large group of people as you can get the same hamper for everyone. It also saves you the hassle of buying a single present for each recipient.

Furthermore, an all-inclusive hamper is suitable when you’re selecting a gift that will be shared amongst a group. There’s literally something for everyone in there!

For example, if you’re congratulating a team whose project has done well, you can go for a hamper filled with truffles, chocolates, and a bottle of wine so they can all toast their sweet success together.


Gift hampers are lifesavers when it comes to buying gifts in the corporate world. 

Whether you combine several items to make a unique present or select from a range of pre-made hampers, they’re the ideal way to demonstrate appreciation, acknowledge important milestones without spending hours trawling Etsy or florist sites, or to simply say thanks.

Want to put together a custom hamper for your team? Get in touch here.

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