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How To Keep Employees Happy All Year Round With Non-Monetary Benefits

Posted on August 24 2017

Any business that is serious about success can’t overlook the importance of having a happy team. 

One study carried out by the Social Market Foundation found a 12 percent increase in the rate of productivity among employees who were happy at work. Happiness also makes employees more creative, flexible and loyal to their employers.

So how do you keep your employees happy in the long term without simply bumping up their salary?

Here are a few tips to help keep your employees happy by using non-monetary benefits.

Help Them Understand Their Contribution

It’s important to help your employees understand how their efforts contribute to the company’s success and greater vision. For them to be happy and motivated, they need to see that the things they are doing on a day-to-day basis, are directly influencing the performance of the business. 

Employees who see a direct connection between their jobs and the company performance are more engaged, and can identify new ways to increase productivity and personal growth in the workplace.

In order to help your employees understand their contribution to the company’s success, share your vision. Inspire each employee to buy-in to that vision so that they can better understand the role they play in helping the company achieve it.  

Also, look for ways to help them align their daily activities with the company’s vision. For example, before beginning any new project, create a plan that includes defining what you hope to achieve at the end, and how the action of each member will help realise this goal.

Provide Flexibility

Greater flexibility in the workplace will lead to better teamwork, a more productive workforce, happier people, and inevitably ensure continuity during uncertain times.

In order to embrace flexibility in the workplace, you need to be understanding of each individual. If some of your employees enjoy working alone, grant them the permission to do so. The same applies to those who prefer to work from home.

For the fitness enthusiasts, allow them to go for a run or hit the gym at lunch time, and don’t be micro-managing the time when they get back to the desk. 

Encourage employees to pursue activities outside of work that align with their interests and hobbies. A work-life balance is essential to drawing their attention away from the hectic work schedule, and re-charging those batteries.

Invest in Personal Development

Developing your employees personally makes them happier, more loyal, engaged and productive.  

Here are some ways to do so:

  • Help your employees develop by encouraging professional training, or by creating a knowledge base of personal development resources that is available to every employee.
  • Try to create a culture of coaching and mentoring so that more senior employees can pass on knowledge, skills and insights.
  • Support your employees emotionally by asking questions related to their work, family and general well-being. Encourage them to share with you how they feel about their work and whether they are struggling with anything.
  • Be concerned about their physical health. If possible, provide each of your employees with a gym membership or organise regular group training sessions. You can also offer classes on topics that teach them about healthy living.


Plan Team Building Activities and Events

Team building gives employees the chance to break away from their hectic work schedule and wind down.  

These activities can enable your team to be more creative and use their imagination to accomplish team-oriented tasks. They can also make employees feel appreciated and loved by the company. The resulting effect is a happier and more positive workforce.

Check out this blog post to discover some great team building activities you can use to engage employees at your company.

Give Them Gifts

As well as making your employees happier, corporate gifts can be an effective motivational tool.

But how do you know what your colleagues and employees want?

Before you buy gifts for your team, consider their hobbies and interests, and make sure you don’t cross any corporate boundaries. This will help avoid awkward situations and negative reactions when you are giving the gifts.  

You could get super-specific with your gift-giving by tailoring each gift to individual employees. For example, if you have an employee who always works with earphones in, you might pay for their Spotify Premium subscription. Or for the employees who drink coffee regularly at the office, you could give them an “all you can drink” coffee voucher with the local cafe for a few months. 

If you’re stuck for ideas, a corporate hamper is always a good middle ground!


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