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Selecting the Perfect Christmas Client Gifts

Bronwyn Campbell

Posted on October 17 2016

Selecting the Perfect Christmas Client Gifts

Christmas season is getting closer. For some people, this means holiday time. For those of us working though, Christmas season means more business and longer hours. On top of that stress, you can add the time spent looking for gifts for your valued clients and associates.

 Smart business people order their Christmas business gifts in advance and save themselves the effort and the time of looking at the last moment. So now is the perfect time to pick a present that will show your appreciation for people who do business with you.

 If you want your Christmas business gift to be a memorable one, it should fit the following criteria:

  •  The gift has great value

The gift you send will be associated with you. If you want your business associates to think of you highly, don’t buy them a 5$ gift. Instead buy something of value, something that is elegant, luxurious and smart. This way you will be remembered all year round.

  • No gift cards

You know what sending a gift card means? It means “I didn’t spend any time thinking of you, I just got you the first thing I found”. And, of course, the person receiving the gift card can tell how much money you spent on them. You want your business gift to appear more valuable than what you paid for it.

  • The gift can be personalised

Putting the receiver’s name on the card or the box that the gift comes in, shows that you thought of them. It tells them that you picked the gift thoughtfully and this helps them understand that you care for them.

  • The gift arrives on time

This should be your number one priority. A Christmas business gift should be a Christmas business gift. If it arrives after Christmas, it’s just a gift that arrived late. So plan ahead if you want to be on time.

  • No promotional items or gifts with your logo on them

You want your gift to make the receiver remember you, but you don’t want to be salesy. Don’t send gifts with your company logo on the actual gift. This will not create the personal connection you are trying to establish. Plus most promotional items look cheap. Pick a gift that the receiver will find valuable, instead of just stashing it somewhere they will never look again.

  • The gift comes in a beautiful box

Remember back when you were a kid? Part of the gift giving experience was receiving a present in a beautiful box. Sometimes you didn’t even want to open the gift, so you wouldn’t ruin the box. But you did anyway. That’s why your gift should come in a gorgeous box that makes your customers smile, while they reminisce over their childhood years.

  • The gift gives back to the local community

Christmas is a time of love and giving. Not only for your family, friends, and associates. Ideally, some of the money you spend buying a business Christmas gift should go back to the local community. Helping people and causes that need it the most will make you feel good too.


If you want to send a business gift that fits all the above criteria, you should take a look at the selection of Christmas hampers from Gifted Australia.

 All our business Christmas hampers:

  • Are of high value
  • Can be personalised with your logo or name and special message
  • Are delivered for FREE and on time
  • Come in beautiful Christmas boxes
  • Donate 10% of profits to great causes within Australia


Spend your holiday season without stress - Order now in advance and get guaranteed FREE delivery by Christmas and 10% discount on bulk orders (10 or more) prior to the end of November.

Contact or give us a call on 1300 GIFTED (1300 443 833) to discuss your requirements.

The full collection of Christmas hampers can be found here:

Written by Vasilis Apostolou

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