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Ever Wondered Why Team Building Is Important In A Corporate Environment?

Posted on July 11 2017

You hear about the importance of team building all the time in the business world today. Many companies go to great lengths to hire team players and promote teamwork between their employees.

But have you ever wondered why there is so much emphasis on the team aspect of workplace relationships? 

Taking a closer look at why teamwork is considered important can be enlightening. It goes without saying that regardless of the industry you work in, employees must find a way to work together efficiently and effectively. A business cannot thrive on individual efforts alone.

Almost always, it is teamwork that determines the success or failure of a project, activity or initiative.

Team building specifically develops people’s ability to join forces, communicate actively, rely on each other, and brainstorm solutions to different challenges. It fosters better and more open communication between all employees, and extracts the best possibilities out of any situation for businesses. 

Here are four key benefits of team building and a few ideas for team building exercises to enhance your business.

1. Effective communication

In a busy work environment, communication issues can arise in times of stress when emotions take over. A key aspect of team building is developing the ability to maintain effective communication skills in stressful or challenging circumstances.

Effective communication can also relate to the ability to work together verbally to solve challenges that require the skills and educational background of everyone in a team. While some people may emerge as natural leaders in these exercises, effective communication from all team members should be encouraged for the overall benefit of the company.

Keep in mind that the ability to communicate effectively within the core unit of a team can also lead to the improved ability to speak to customers effectively in a tense situation.

2. Increased trust

In a truly productive workplace, employees will be able to depend on one another to follow through on their individual responsibilities and tasks. They will be able to trust that the others have the knowledge and skills to complete their side of a project, and that they will do so on time and within budget.

In addition, they will be able to accept that the information they are being given by others is legitimate and accurate, and know there is no need to second-guess or double-check the facts.

Building trust is critical in any workplace, and there are several exercises and activities that you and your team can complete during team building programs that will foster and develop trust amongst all members of a team, which I’ll go into below.

3. Decreased tension

Tension can often develop in a workplace because of external factors completely removed from the internal team - such as a difficult client or customer. However, stressful situations can also arise because of communication issues and personality differences. Team building allows your employees to identify their individual strengths, weaknesses and values; and learn more about each other on a personal level. 

When they are later faced with tense situations in the workplace, they can fall back on the skills and knowledge they learnt in the team building exercises. Exercises can even take place outside the office after issues arise. For example, a human resources manager may take individuals to a neutral location, such as a park close to the workplace, to reduce tension and discover more about each other away from the situation that is taking place in the office.

4. Improved collaboration

An effective team relies on the culmination of skills, knowledge and experiences of everyone in the group. Businesses can benefit from team building exercises in which members are asked to solve challenges and problems, make presentations and more, in a group or in small teams so that they can work together creatively.

The best exercises are those that involve a full range of skills so that all parties can participate and add benefit to the group.

Team building ideas for your business

I’m sure you’ve heard of team building exercises that involve falling with your eyes closed, tackling rope courses and similar physical activities. However, there are many other ways for people to develop in each of the areas listed above without putting themselves in physical danger!

For instance, simple activities that require individuals to talk to the group about themselves can be beneficial. Try the Two Truths and a Lie game or simply ask everyone to talk about one high point and one low point in their lives. For more ideas, here is a list of 12 interesting team building games with instructions on exactly how to use them with your team.

Some companies implement short team building activities in their regular weekly meetings. For example, you could start each meeting by going around the team and encouraging everyone to share something personal or humorous about themselves. This is great for people who prefer a more structured approach. Others may plan a day away from the office for the entire team once a quarter, while some will even schedule a whole weekend retreat. 

Consider your company’s needs and character, as well as time and budget constraints before deciding the right approach for your team building exercises.

Wrapping up

As you can see, team building is much more than just a buzzword in today’s business world. It’s a critical way to develop an efficient, effective and motivated team that achieves core objectives and works productively. A strong team environment also helps improve the customer experience and increases employee retention. It’s a win-win. 

If your company is not currently incorporating team building exercises and initiatives regularly, start using the tips and insights above to achieve amazing results. 


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