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What does ‘free shipping’ actually mean? Is it really free?

In some businesses, ‘free shipping’ actually just means they include the cost of shipping in the prices of their products. At Gifted Australia we offer genuine free shipping on all our beautiful gifts and experiences and we bear the cost of shipping those items to you. We want to make sure that our customers enjoy their shopping experience without being penalised for purchasing online and instead find time to do the things in life they would rather be doing.

Why are Gifted Australia only selling Australian products and experiences?

We want to support local businesses and not-for-profits. That’s it really. At Gifted Australia we believe there are squillions of amazing gifts made by Australian businesses and we want to support them to keep doing what they’re doing.

How do I know it’s safe to use my credit card at Gifted Australia?

All payment methods at Gifted Australia are set up on a secure platform which is a nerdy way of saying your information will always be safe and never be shared with anyone else.

What if I don’t like what I’ve purchased?

If you decide you don’t like what you’ve ordered, please give us a call on 1300 GIFTED (1300 443 833) or email us at and we’ll arrange for a credit to be issued to your account, or a full refund if that’s what you’d prefer. We would of course need the items safely returned to us first and this would need to be at your expense if you simply change your mind.

What if something is damaged when my order arrives from Gifted Australia?

If anything in your order is not as described or has been damaged in transit, please let us know immediately and we will arrange a return postage pack for you at our expense and you can decide if you’d like a replacement, a credit to your account or a full refund.

Why should I buy from Gifted Australia?

Gifted Australia is an Australian business focused on delivering beautiful gifts and experiences to our customers all over Australia. And we want to make sure we’re giving back through our business. That’s why we donate 10% of all profit to fantastic charities within Australia. You can find out more about our current partners in the environment section of the website.

Gifted Australia says it donates 10% of profit to charities in Australia. Which charities do you support?

Currently we are partnering with Animals Australia and Edgar’s Mission.

Why did Gifted Australia decide to donate 10% of their profit to charity?

We believe there is more to business than just increasing revenues and targets. We know that there is more we can do beyond thinking of ourselves. With this perspective we decided to try to improve the lives of others through our work and we also believe many Australians feel the same way.

What are the benefits to shopping online rather than going to a shopping center?

Have you ever been in a shopping center car park, circling around looking for a spot in a busy time before? That’s the first reason! What about the queues and time it takes to get from home and back again sitting in traffic? Ever spend more money than you actually have because you get distracted by items outside your requirements? Yep, we get you.  

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